My book club


On this page, I am organizing my online book club. I had the idea to organize one myself after reading how Phil Eaton organizes his. I have been struggling with reading for the longest time, even though I have been an avid reader in my youth. Reading how Phil organizes his club completely online with an emphasis on slow, asynchronous collaboration made me enthusiastic enough to copy the base idea of it and adapt it slightly to my vision.

What are we going to read?

The books we read will be mostly non-fictional literature with different topics. But this is not a hard rule. Suggestions are and will be always welcome.

How does this whole thing work?

This book club runs in cycles. Every cycle follows the same steps. After a book is chosen, I will create a new page for the cycle where I will publish all necessary information. On that page, I will host a registration form where people can register for this cycle. On the same page I will post a table with the chapters of the book, the date until every chapter should be read and also the person who agreed to start the discussion.

After the registration date closes, I will take the email addresses of all participants and add them to a mailing-list hosted by Gaggle Mail.
Their terms are linked here, their GDPR statement here and their Information Security statement is here.

Every Saturday, an email will be sent to start a discussion for the chapter that has been read until then. The email can be everything. A simple question, a link to something interesting, a summary. The only thing I ask for is that the email revolves around the chapter we read. This way the discussion will be completely asynchronous and also without any barrier besides owning an email address.


Are you using my email address for things besides adding me to the mailing list?

No. After each cycle, I will purge every email address from the mailing list. So you have to re-register if you want to participate in the new cycle. Your email address will never be used for any other purpose than to subscribe you to the mailing list.

Are you providing the books we are going to read?

No. I will link to online sources where to buy the book, though.

I don’t want to participate anymore.

That is totally fine. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list any time.

What language will the discussions be in?

In order to give as many people as possible the chance to partake in the discussions, the language will be English. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to speak English perfectly to be able to participate.