Rebuilding my blog and why I chose asciidoc instead of markdown

26 February 2023

Eleventy 2.0 has been released. With that release came a plethora of improvements and features. So it was only naturally that i upgrade my old website to the new eleventy version. I also took the time to remove a few plugins which were mainly for making markdown more usable. Which brings me to the biggest change for my website. Instead of using markdown for everythin I am now using AsciiDoc. The main reason for me to switch was the fact, that AsciiDoc is a standardized markup language. Markdown never had the goal to become a standardized markup. Instead it was meant to be tailored to the specific needs of the environment that is using it. That lead to a lot of fragmentation and made markdown what it is today. A minefield of features that may or may not exist in the current implementation of it. Meanwhile AsciiDoc chose the path of standardization. Every implementation of it is expected to adhere to the standard. This is making my life a whole lot easier. I don"t have to look up if the implementation i am using for my blog is capable of feature X or Y. Instead i can rely on two things:

  1. That the markup language i am using has sensible defaults regarding to the supported elements.

  2. That the implementation that is converting my posts to html is conforming to said standard.

I haven’t worked too much with AsciiDoc for now so it might happen that i am running into a situation where it is not enough. I hope that this situation will be rare and that i then have a way to work around it.