The struggle to write


It is currently o'clock. I am sitting in front of my monitor trying to find something interesting to blog about. My commitment to the "100 Days To Offload" challenge has been rocky so far. I should have written a post at the 21st of april in order to keep up with the comfortable pace of a post every three days. But now it is the 24th and i have no idea what to write about. When i started the challenge i thought about all the well written, meaningful and interesting posts i would create. I saw myself getting the Pulitzer price this year for my in depth review of... Jokes aside. I know i will never win the Pulitzer price and that's okay. But the wish to write something meaningful, funny, interesting etc. still is strong. Instead i am sitting here and struggle to write. I guess. in order to keep the challenge going, i am going to write about my struggles instead. I think my struggles are devided into two seperate aspects.

  1. I need to write something that is rewarding to the readers e.g. something funny, insightful, deep, etc.
  2. I need to write something that is very well written

But why?

The thing i have to learn is that i am not writing for my readers. Writing a blog is not my job. I am not getting paid to write something for someone.

I write my blog because writing is a good tool to help develop my own creativity. To test the waters. To create new ideas. To improve my english. Having a perfectionistic entitlement is not helpful. Sure i should take care that my thoughts are coherent and are understandable but i do not need to be the next Shakespeare. People are not entitled to me providing them with the next award winning piece of text. And on the other hand i am not entitled to an audience. And this thought in itself is quite liberating. There are no expectations in both directions.

That's why i tell myself:

Dance Blog like nobody is watching.

Maybe sitting this late in front of your computer isn't that bad for my creativity after all.

This is post 2 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge. If you want to discuss the post feel free to comment below this toot.

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